Friday, 21 February 2014

Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Collection

I can’t stress enough how much flat hair annoys me and yes the VO5 plump it up is good and I would have  repurchase it in the past, but I have found something that is better.. The John Frieda Volume collection.

The range was on offer at Superdrug a while back (December 2013) and I need just needed some shampoo so it’s just my luck that id find something I absolutely love! I bought the shampoo, conditioner and blow dry lotion for fine hair.

Using these three together has changed my  hair completely I never feel like my hair too flat and even after 3 days and when the actual condition of my hair is not at its best  (i.e. a tad oily), it’s still bouncy and has volume at the roots!!

I think it’s mainly due to the root booster but their shampoos are generally really good quality from what I’ve experienced anyway, I think they add something to volume but I wouldn't get the desired results without the root booster, no way.

The only weird thing about these products (NOT a bad thing) are that once I've blow dried, if I do no other styling and then sleep on it comes out more bouncy the next day for some unknown reason -  very strange but good..

LASTING POWER – A good 3 days and may even stretch to 4 depending on your hair.
SMELL – the root booster has no smell whatsoever which is a bonus… the shampoo and conditioner’s smell lasts a while but it’s a neutral smell, quite pleasant.

YES!! Most defiantly, especially if you can get it on offer! It does exactly what it’s supposed to, doesn't dry out your roots, keeps the volume and gives you the hair you dream of having. The shampoo and conditioner leave your hair feeling silky and looking smooth and the root booster gives the extra volume and helps keep it there for a good few days.  I can’t say a bad word about this product. John Frieda has a really good reputation for quality and results so it’s worth giving a go.  

This collection is outstanding, as I'm sure are all John Frieda Products. I used to use the Root awakening collection by John Frieda which was my all-time favourite shampoo and conditioner but unfortunately it’s discontinued, so this has taken its place. If you tried any other hair care products that give that lovely voluminous look then please share!! I’m forever seeking volume!    

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