Monday, 23 June 2014

NYC Adventure

So I’ve kind of been missing for a few months, apologies for that but final year exams were keeping me busy and then I went on “holiday” to New York!

New York was very different and a completely new experience, and being from London I didn’t expect it to be so different but it really was.
People are not always friendly, maybe that’s because it’s a busy city and people  just don’t care about your tourist problems, I don’t know but they are just straight to the point most of the time. (People working on buses, information points in the subway, ticket booths etc).. However if ever you’re lost ask a police officer they are very friendly and will help you until you understand.
The subway is defiantly not comparable to the London underground but much cheaper than taxis. When flying back the man handling out boarding tickets even said, put more politely, is not for those able to travel in ulterior/better modes of transport.
There’s a 9% sales tax on most purchases, which I had no idea about until I got there  :0 … But that didn’t stop me from going shopping crazy! The shopping experiences in most places were amazing, especially in Macy's, the sales assistants will go out of their way to help you and are so kind!

I tried to fit a lot in to the one week to make the most of my time there so I thought I’d post my schedule in case it came of use to anyone planning on going.

I managed to do pretty much everything and the days they were scheduled for but come the last day, I was just too exhausted to even attempt to grand central station hence the “Holiday” not holiday. I didn’t manage to explore or find Bleecker Street or Waverly place but it’s such a huge street it would have taken ages. However I will go again someday and  I plan on going to the places I missed as well as visiting some museums  and different parts of the city like china town, little Italy and I really want to see more of Brooklyn it was so beautiful.

I only spent a week there but it was one of the most amazing weeks of my life. it was a lot to take in, but overall the experiences I had were great. Using the subway although advised several times not to, was actually pretty cool and super-fast, the hotel was fantastic (Staybridge Suites), the sites were mind blowing-ly  beautiful and it was, simply put, an amazing place filled with lots of adventures that I’d love to visit again.

If you’ve been to New York or live there and I missed something major to see, let me know I’ll put it on my list for next time! If you have any questions then feel free to ask me!

Little mink x 

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