Sunday, 20 October 2013

Review: Maybelline - Super Stay 7 days gel nail Colour

If you’re looking for something that is going to keep your polish intact and have that “ooooo shiny” salon shine then the Maybelline forever strong and Super Stay 7 clear polishes are the way to go!

I absolutely hate it when mine or other peoples nails are chipped, for me it’s either wear it perfectly or make sure it’s close to flawless or just don’t wear it ( harsh maybe but that’s just one of my weird things :P )

The Super Stay 7 day (and Forever strong in Crystal clear) outlasts 7 days no doubt, as long as you don’t  mind some normal wearing of the tips. But it doesn’t looked chipped, it just looks like you nails have  grown. It’s not major chipping where its chunk of colour that is missing, just an even and EXTREMELY  thin line.. Its virtually undetectable unless you’re an obsessive nail freak like myself.  
Drying  Time about 15 minutes

  • Easily lasts 7 days without chipping
  • Both give outstanding shine for 7 days or in my case 9days
  • Good for usage as base coat as well as top
  • A good shade range (especially good if you can’t be bothered or have time to paint your nails twice)

Defiantly gets 5/5

In all honesty I could and have worn this as a top coat for 3 weeks straight.. In fact the Forever Strong Pro has lasted me 3 weeks for an exam period before whilst staying almost perfect. No major chipping

I don’t know if Forever Strong and Super Stay 7 are exactly the same product, but I’ve noticed that they have  slowly stopped stocking the Forever Strong and stocking more of the Super Stay 7..  They are booth called crystal clear and I’m pretty sure they are close to identical product-wise because I have been using the Forever Strong for ages and the Super stay 7 gives me the same amazing results.

These two are the only top coats that I keep coming back too and it’s very affordable,  at around £4.05.

If you’ve tried these and didn’t love it please let me know why?!  And if you’ve tried an amazing top coat that is chip free and keeps your nails looking shiny, please share!

Little Mink xXx

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