Sunday, 25 August 2013

Go Ape Experience

I am petrified of heights, climbing trees, falling from heights and all of nature really.

Despite this I decided to go to Go Ape with a couple of friends and I have to say it’s one the best things I’ve ever done, yes it is still scary, I recommend you go with people you trust and people that are going to support you if you know you may freak out half way between two trees *Cough* me *Cough*.

But anyway, when you get there you will have to basically sign and accept that you are doing a high risk activity, after that and reading the safety rules very carefully one of the activity leader will put on a harness for you and then you get to practice with the harness before you go to level 1, where the instructor will make sure you are doing everything correctly After level one you are kind of left alone so make sure you pay attention! But as long as you are always attached to something you’ll be fine.

There are 5 levels at Trent park and for all 5 you are responsible for you own safety. Each level is increased in height slightly. When climbing up the tree you are attached to safety so it does help because they are quite shaky especially if you are freaking out and your body is shaking involuntarily.

I managed up to level 4, 5 was just too high for me and being only 4ft 10 (yes I am small for a 20 year old lol)…  I don’t think I would have made it across as my friends did it and found it challenging  But level 5  is vastly more challenging than the other 4 but it is do-able, both my friends did it and one of them is like 5ft 2.

Overall it was an amazing experience, my body however is still aching after 2 days (damn Tarzan net!) but it was worth it to; conquer my fear of heights and climbing, have a memorable enjoyable time with my friends and get in some exercise. Zip wires were by far my favourite part because it means id be on the ground by the end of it but also because you feel like a bird flying through the trees. The staff were every friendly, helpful, encouraging and always around in case you need help.

If you are scared of heights, go and do this because yes, at first you will be bricking it but  once you’ve done one, adrenaline will kick in and you will be able to do it. I am the least active and adventurous person ever and yes I was freaking out and complaining the whole day but it’s an amazing feeling when you’ve done it.
#Best advice is go up to the levels you are comfortable with, you can see what they are going to be like before you climb up.
If you have any questions if you are considering going please comment below and if you’ve already been tell me how you found it, could you do level 5?

For prices, height/ age restrictions and locations  - Go Ape 
Little Mink xXx


  1. Awesome to read. Then how would it be to experience it.

    1. Thank you! It is so much fun, defiantly check it out if get the chance to go! There are loads of sites located in the UK :)