Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Maybelline Baby lips

Baby Lips, after waiting for a ridiculous amount of time they've finally arrived in the UK 

I bought Cherry me (Orange tube) which gives a lovely cherry, pinkie reddish colour which is perfect for everyday work or back to school. Subtle but still gives enough colour so you don’t look washed out with an added healthy sheen. And it smells like cherry!! Like the Lypsyl Cherry lip balm not a fake cherry smell like Carmex

I’ve been using it for a week now and it does keep my lips smooth and hydrated… when  the colour wears off,  which will take a while unless you’re planning on consuming food or drink, your lips still feel balmy and they’re left hydrated. Keeps hydrated for up to 8 hours according to the packaging

Yes, I only bought one, in “Cherry me” but that’s because they weren’t out on the shop floor only at the tills and when I asked to see more but they only had hydrate (the blue tube ) and intense care (the yellow tube) both of which are clear and as I already have a clear lip balm I’m loyal to and I was not gonna waste money on another clear lip balm that will potentially be less superior to the Nivea Hydro Care. Not matter how good they smell.  

Bottom Line:

Ø  Very affordable at £2.99

Ø  Keeps Lips hydrated for 8 hours

Ø  SPF 20 in Hydrate, Mint fresh and Intense care

Ø  Range of colours, all good for daily wear

Ø  Smells good ( I assume they all smell like what the name suggests on the tube,  based on  Cherry me)

Overall 4/5 -  simply because not all the shades have SPF protection and I feel like the colour range could be improved as three of them appear to be clear.

The hype was big when didn’t have them and now we do there isn’t enough..  

But anyway when they come out properly in the retailers near me I really want to check out the Pink Punch!! I’m thinking it smells amazing as the colour would be too. Let me know if you’ve Pink Punch and what you think of it and what you make of the Baby Lips in General, worth the year long wait, or not?

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