Sunday, 11 August 2013

Maybelline Fit me - Anti-shine Stick Foundation Review

I was not at all intending to buy a new foundation as I have 3 on the go already but I couldn’t pass this up, it claims to be anti-shine! And my gosh do I hate when my face gets shiny!! So I bought it for £8.99 from Superdrug.

So is it “anti-shine”?

Well when you first apply it, it feels smooth, like foundation over primer. Not slippery, smooth. It looks as if you will not need to powder at all. But if you know you have an oil t-zone like me then definitely do because it’s good at being shine free for the most part but my t-zone is playing a game of its own so I need to. .

If you have combination oily skin put it over a moisturiser or else it’ll look caketastic!!!

The stick foundation comes in 12 shades but when I purchased it there were only 4 and I thought 220 natural beige would be fine but it turns out its not…. I don’t ever put foundation on my forehead and I didn’t want to put a tester product on my face anyway :$ …  it colour matches the rest of face but my forehead is slightly darker I guess next time I’ll get Sun beige

Bottom Line:

Ø  Does keep you matte for a considerable amount of time… yes you  may still have to powder but it does a pretty good job all by itself

Ø  Affordable, but you only get 9ml whereas  with most other foundations you get 30mls

Ø  Light to Medium coverage

Ø  Blends beautifully using fingertips, it’s a time saver

Ø  12 colours to choose from

Ø  Packaging is compact, will not spill, and makes it quick to do your foundation and it easy to carry around if you want adjust or top up.

I hate my shiny face!! And I hate looking cakey but if it’s a choice between the two I’d rather opt for cakey. So if you’ve found a foundation that keeps you matte all day, without looking too caketastic please please please let me know in the comments down below.

Little Mink xXx

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