Wednesday, 3 April 2013

VO5 Plump it up - Amplifying blow dry lotion

I absolutely hate my hair being flat!! So when I was in boots a while back I went to the hair styling section and came across this very girly pink bottle.  I hadn’t read any reviews previous to buying… But having been using this product for several months now I can honestly say that this product is pretty damn good!!

I always blow dry my hair anyway and there wasn’t a lot of volume at all and my friends would keep catching me fluffing up hair, which isn’t a good look.  Now however I never have to do that! This lotion (but has consistency of a liquid spray) gives enough volume so that it’s not overly done but enough for every day. I’d backcomb it a little too for a special event just for extra volume if the occasion calls for it.  

Although some reviews say it leaves your dirty, I totally disagree, not just because it doesn’t do that but because even if you feel like it does most girls I know wash their hair every 2-3 days so it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t make your hair look dirty and it feels exactly the same as it would without any product init.

Lasting Power- Lasts for up to 2 days at the most but that’s okay because you probably wash your hair by then.

Smell - smells like a salon type hairspray not bad but not the best smell ever.

Worth the price -  ranges from £4-£5 so yes!! You only need a few spritz and your is full of volume and it’s a 2 in one product with the heat defence.

Overall – Does what it says!! Perfect those who are like me and hate having flat hair!! Perfect for every day. Has heat defence (has not made my hair any weaker so I believe that), it says it makes your appear thicker and I would to some extent agree with that it feels like you have more hair when you use this and looks thicker. Tames frizz.

Have you tried this “lotion” or anything else that will help give volume to your hair, any tips or tricks?  If you have, then please comment below, I’d love try another miracle product!

Little Mink xXx

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