Sunday, 22 September 2013

Devious Maids is Coming to the UK!

***Update*** Starts 9th October  on TLC - Sky channel 125

A while back I was on twitter and I read one of Eva Longoria tweets, something about a great premier night of something called “Devious maids”. So I did some research watched some promos since then and I am very excited that its coming to the UK!!

The creator of desperate housewives has created devious maids too, so knowing this and having seen the promos, I have a feeling it going to have a similar feel to it. And Eva Longoria is an executive producer too! :]

From what I’ve found out, it’s about a group of maids who work for rich people in Beverly hills. One of the maids is murdered, and the show, at least the first season I'm thinking, is going to be centred around that, as well as the antics of the maids at work.  A new maid comes into town too, so I'm guessing she has a reason for being there ;)

Most of the actors and actresses I have seen before, some I can’t put my finger on, but most of cast have been other TV shows and films. The maids however I do remember; Ana Ortiz, Hilda on Ugly Betty, Judy Reyes, Carla on scrubs, and Roselyn Sanchez who is in Rush Hour 2.  

Devious Maids is apparently coming to the UK at some point in October on Sky channel  125, TLC. (I'll update as soon as I know for sure)

I can’t wait! I really don’t want to result to watching them YouTube because I prefer the TV. But I’ve been waiting for something to new to come along that has the comedy and serious drama balance that desperate housewives had for about a year now.

If you already seen it, let me know what you think J  is it as good as desperate housewives?  The UK will soon find out   :D

Little Mink x

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