Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Two Shuks

Everyone loves cakes and all sort of baked goods and the Two Shuks (@thetwoshuks) have a cake stall that is in different markets around London. They make a variety of lovely yummy sweet goodness as well as other baked goods and my favourites of theirs, their bread sticks!

Here are some of my favourites:
I’m mentioning the gluten free brownies first simply because it was probably the one of the nicest brownie I've ever tried. Honestly they are so heavenly and literally melt in your mouth. The Gluten free is also a bonus ;) and the size of the square you get  :)
On to the cakes, the ones I tried were the Lemon drizzle and orange and almond. I'm not generally a fan of fruit in a desert but the flavour and fragrance of the cakes makes it hard to miss. The lemon drizzle was my favourite of the two, it’s so moist and the perfect balance of sweet and lemony goodness :)
They also make freshly baked Jammie dodgers!!  It is huge! And tastes better than the processed ones from the supermarket because it so fresh and I don’t think it has any preservatives yay!!
The bread sticks, I tried 3 different flavours, cumin, chilli, onion and cheese and all of them were bursting with flavour. The cumin was my favourite but only because I love cumin all my food ha-ha!!  You could have the tiniest bite of any of the flavours and you’ll instantly know what it is, that’s how good they are!
All the food is made and baked freshly by them, not like when you buy something from a supermarket and it just says baked in stored which really isn't the same thing. There is a significant taste difference, trust me.
Not only this but the portions are so generous and the prices are highly competitive especially as they are located in London where food outlets tend it over price. But the Two Shuks are very reasonably priced and much cheaper than other companies that bake fresh.
Obviously I did not eat all this food all by myself I shared it with my family and they each had their favourites, the brownie and the bread sticks were popular with all of us though J

They are located in:

·         Wanstead the first Sunday of every month

·         Gants hill (Ilford) the fourth Sunday of every month

·         Southend the second and fourth Saturdays of every month

·         One new change every month (see twitter for details)

If your ever passing by these areas defiantly check them out, you won’t go wrong!! If you try any of their food let know what you liked the best , or what you want to try J
Little Mink x

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